The Children Of Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor Wat and the entire archeological Park that has made Siem Reap famous world-wide conjours up many images for travellers. Ancient history, architectural wonders, a land lost in time, sweltering hot days of temple fatigue and of course hundreds of children of Angkor.

The kids of course should be in school but with millions of tourists visiting this wonder of the world, the children can do more for their families selling postcards and trinkets than they can in a classroom, at last in the short term.

And if you were wondering what the parents are doing while their kids are selling trinkets at one of the world great wonders? Working right alongside them showing the children just how to approach and sell.

Children Of Angkor 01

Children Of Angkor 07

Children Of Angkor 06

Children Of Angkor 05

Children Of Angkor 04

Children Of Angkor 03

Children Of Angkor 08

Lee Fritze

By Lee Fritze

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