Bicycle Touring In Greece In October 2019

Bicycle Touring In Greece In 2019
Quiet coastal roads just outside of Athens, Greece.

When it came to researching bicycle touring in Greece and was surprised by the lack of information. It seems that Greece does not have the best reputation as a bicycle touring friendly destination. I was pleasantly surprised to find the cycling very scenic and the drivers and people in general were friendly and curious.

I arrived in Athens on October 3rd and left the island of Corfu by ferry on October 28th. During my 3 nights in Athens I just wandered around the city. I stayed with a WarmShowers host and I was only 15 minutes away from the city centre by bike.

Bicycle Touring In Greece Route
Total distance cycled was about 600km.
Bicycle Touring in Greece in October 2019
My first day out of Athens and I had quiet roads all to myself.

To avoid another day of city riding by taking a train to the coast and then started cycling towards Corinth. The weather on day 1 was sunny and quite warm but on day and with my arrival in Corinth, I got quite a bit of rain.

Typical food in Greece
Great fuel for a hungry cyclist and this is available almost everywhere.

I ended up staying in Corinth for two nights as my bike needed repairs and I had arrived on a Monday, which is the day that all 3 bike shops in town are closed. My rear wheel had been replaced in Athens but it was a cheap replacement so some spokes needed to be replaced, this cause some issues until I reached Trikala.

Bicycle Touring the Greek coastline
After Corinth the road goes right along the coast with lovely little towns every few kilometers.

The ride around the Gulf of Corinth was quite idyllic, blue skies no major climbs and quiet little seaside towns every 20 or 30 kilometers. The roads were quiet but I imagine that more traffic in the summer might make the cycling a bit less enjoyable.

Coastal Views in Greece
For every little town there were quite a few old men out fishing and drinking.

Accommodation was easy to come by, for my first 6 nights i stayed in private campgrounds that were almost empty. Towards the end of October most campsites were closed or about to close as the majority of the camper-van crowd had left Greece.

Camping in Greece
Most of the campgrounds had shaded areas but they did not protect from light overnight rains.

Bicycle Touring In Greece
Bicycles aren't allowed on this bridge
Bicycle Touring In Greece
Lots of picture-postcard towns but they were almost all empty and must be a busy during the summer.
Bicycle Touring In Greece
I wanted to ride through most of the towns but that meant a steep climb back to the road afterwards.
Bicycle Touring In Greece
This sure beats my banana and peanut butter sandwiches.

The road to Delphi is extremely steep and as it was getting late in the day, I stopped at the first camp site I came across. This also meant that i avoided the very busy little town of Delphi.

Bicycle Touring In Greece

I often research where to stay using a combination of Google Maps, a camp website and

Bicycle Touring In Greece
Bicycle Touring In Greece
A Delphi Selfie. Delphi was awesome but the climb was hard on my already sore knees.
Bicycle Touring In Greece
The cute little seaside towns have been replaced by picturesque mountain villages.
Bicycle Touring In Greece
These hot-springs were very hot but the dirty surroundings were not very inviting.
Bicycle Touring In Greece
All smiles, that must mean I am starting the downhill.
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