Bicycle Touring In Greece In October 2019

Quiet coastal roads just outside of Athens, Greece.

When it came to researching bicycle touring in Greece and was surprised by the lack of information. It seems that Greece does not have the best reputation as a bicycle touring friendly destination. I was pleasantly surprised to find the cycling very scenic and the drivers and people in general were friendly and curious. I… Continue reading Bicycle Touring In Greece In October 2019

Agra Fort & The Taj Mahal

The town of Agra and the Taj Mahal are only 3 hours from Delhi so I decided on a one day tour rather than staying overnight as most people don’t rate Agra as a pleasant place to stay. The tour that I took was combined with 2 pilgrimage sites that are important for Hindus. The… Continue reading Agra Fort & The Taj Mahal

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A Camel Safari In The Thar Desert

Jaisalmer is famous jumping off point for camel rides in the desert and there were plenty of tours to choose from. I took an overnight trip with a French couple who staying at the same guesthouse.

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On The Edge Of The Desert In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a hot place but a pretty cool town. The fort is a living fort, meaning that people still live and work there, it is a great to walk around and is very photogenic.

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The Fort At Jodhpur

Jodhpur is one of my favourite places so far. The old town is a small maze of streets just below the magnificent fort. The food is great and the people are friendly, what more could you ask for?

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From Udaipur To Jodhpur

The journey to Jodhpur was broken up by stop at a temple after which I got on the wrong bus. This only added an extra hour to my day of buses and the sight that awaited me in Jodhpur was amazing.

From Hampi To Udaipur

It was with reluctance that I left Hampi and boarded an overbight bus to Pune which was rather boring. So the following day I took another bus to Mumbai, it was raining hard and the streets were flooded.

Goa, A Train Ride And Hampi, India

Goa was nice enough and certainly not as busy as I was expecting, relaxing on the beach with a few beers was nice. After spending a few nights in Goa, which was very quiet due to the rain, I decided to enjoy my first Indian train journey.

My First Thoughts On India

After waiting more than 2 weeks for my Indian visa to come through I was happy to see that I was given a six month dual entry visa. I arrived in Chennai at 10pm on June 11th.