From Hampi To Udaipur

It was with reluctance that I left Hampi and boarded an overbight bus to Pune which was rather boring. So the following day I took another bus to Mumbai, it was raining hard and the streets were flooded.

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It rained for 3 days straight while I was in Mumbai so my walks around the city weren’t very comfortable. My guesthouse wasn’t too comfy either with water running down the walls and mould everywhere.

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From Mumbai I took an overnight train to Ahmedebad which felt like a real Indian city without the touristy conveniences. It was pleasant enough to walk around and the food was good. Sitting a restaurant for lunch I saw an elephant, two camels and a dozen donkeys walk past in the space of an hour, and this is in the middle of a city.

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Next stop, Udaipur. As soon as I arrived i felt comfortable, the rickshaw ride through picturesque neighbourhoods was nice. The city is built around a series of lakes and the streets run up and down hills providing great views from many of the guesthouses and restaurants. Oh, and Octopussy was filmed here.

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I didn’t really do much in Udaipur other than walk around and sit in cafes drinking mediocre coffee and reading. I have been reluctant to take many photos as I get a bad vibe from the locals when I take out my camera, otherwise they are friendly and chatty.

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