Goa, A Train Ride And Hampi, India

Goa was nice enough and certainly not as busy as I was expecting, relaxing on the beach with a few beers was nice. After spending a few nights in Goa, which was very quiet due to the rain, I decided to enjoy my first Indian train journey.

The ticket was very cheap, $4 for a ten hour train ride, starting at 7am. I was lucky enough to be sharing a 6 bed sleeper with 2 chatty university students, who helped me with a few things and provided some useful info.
Hampi was unexpectedly awesome, it was recommended by a few friends and was a great place to hang out for a few days. Basically it is a small town surrounded by some old temples and structures dating back a thousand years.
It is in a picturesque area covered with boulders and rock formations. A great place to spend a few days just walking around, or chilling out in the few restaurants meeting other travellers.
Lee Fritze

By Lee Fritze

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