Waiting And Waiting In Thailand

Koh Samet Thailand

I am still here in Thailand waiting for my Indian visa. I have booked my flight and fly to Chennai on the 11th of July.

I have travelled in Thailand quite a bit before so there wasn’t really much I wanted to see or do this time around. I do enjoy just hanging out and walking around, Bangkok is a great city for this.

I did manage to get to Koh Samet for a few days of sun and sand and to escape the chaos of Bangkok. It was a little nostalgic as I visited Koh Samet and Ban Phe in 2002 for a month when I completed my TEFL Course.

For those who are not yet aware I returned to Danang briefly and put the bicycle on storage. There were a few reasons for abandoning the bike trip mostly to with poor planning and preparation on my part.

Lee Fritze

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  1. that is one ugly ass dog! two days to go and still no visa? yikes! anyhow, once you are in india have a look at the royal enfields…bullets, gorgeous purrrrrr! take care, man!

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